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    Industry and Application

    Battery and new energy

    Battery and new energy

    New energy vehicles are different from the previous fuel power, driven by hydrogen power and power batteries. The safety requirements of the components involved are higher, and more components have higher requirements for air tightness. [Tianbangmei Airtight Leakage Waterproof Tester] has a large number of applications in variable energy motors, power battery packs, vehicle controllers, DC converters and other new energy components. Mature technology and reliable product testing capabilities help to improve customers. product quality.
    Car accessories

    Car accessories

    Various auto parts include: park battery, car camera, electric car controller, battery radiator, parking sensor, car light, wiring harness, sensor, oil pipe, charging pile, engine valve, cam cover, cylinder block, engine total , crankcase, cylinder head, oil sump, crankshaft, rocker cover, camshaft ball (conduit) press, cylinder piston, PE, VE pump (diesel engine fuel pump), injector, canister, chemical Oil, EGR pipe, valve, intake and exhaust manifold, radiator, oil pump, gearbox assembly, gearbox, etc.
    Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronics such as: bracelets, mobile phones, glasses, watches, headphones, speakers, cameras and other related accessories and finished products.
    Security lighting

    Security lighting

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    Wire connection

    Wire connection

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    Daily necessities and home appliances

    Daily necessities and home appliances

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    Medical instruments

    Medical instruments

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    Is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and technical service of air-tightness leak detector. The company is located in baoan district of shenzhen, which has developed machinery manufacturing industry and convenient transportation. It is adjacent to shenzhen international airport in the east and shenzhen high-speed railway north station in the west.
    The company is committed to the field of modern industrial leak detection and provides a complete set of leak detection and testing solutions for customers.
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